6 Eye-Catching Features of MudSmart’s Car Floor Liners

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Car floor liners take everything to the next level. Advancement in technology has brought in many features in vehicle floor covers.

When looking for a car mat, you want to consider various things. Explore the 6 eye-catching features of MudSmart’s car floor liners.

About MudSmart’s Car  Floor Liners

  • Provides complete interior car protection
  • Premium quality
  • Lifetime Warranty on all our floor mats

Why use Car Floor Mats?

  • Enhance car’s interior look
  • Enhance comfort – reduce noise and vibration
  • Allows easy cleaning of the car
  • Prevent health problem

3D Floor Mats:

  • Consist of multiple layers of materials (Hence, 3-D). 
  • Is an upgrade of the traditional rubber or plastic floor mats

5D Floor Mats:

  • Supreme category of floor mats with a unique 5 dimensional design
  • The 5D automobile mats have a special structure and innovative features.

6 Eye-Catching Features

1. Custom Designed Channels:

  • Designed for a perfect fit
  • Help trap substances within its raised edges

2. Easy Installation:

  • Ease of installation with our fair instructions

3. Easy to clean:

  • Skid-Resistant
  • Substances like liquid, sand etc. on floor mats will not stick or be absorbed
  • Can be washed off with great ease

4. Fireproof:

  • Highly resistant to fire
  • Constructed with TPE material

5. Waterproof:

  • Do not allow leakage of any liquid spilled on them
  • Constructed with TPE material

6. Use of Laser technology:

  • Accurately map space