6 Tips to Find the Best BMW Floor Mats

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A BMW is not merely a luxury car, it represents a class of polish and achievement. Owning a BMW is not the end of the owner’s responsibility but a car like that requires proper upkeep and care to maintain its beauty and grace.

Washing, cleaning, and waxing the car body might keep the car proper on the outside but without care, the car might start losing its vigor from inside. 

The interiors also need proper shielding from hazardous elements and regular wear. This is where the necessity of a high-quality floor mat for a luxury car like BMW comes in.

Given below are 6 tips following which the best floor mats for BMW can be bought.

Material of the Mats

A variety of materials are used to make car floors. Some use rubber while others are made from nylon or polyurethane.

Nylon is the most commonly used material in the floor mat industry. It is flexible, lightweight, and has substantial strength. Owing to all these benefits, the industry is set to expand at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 4.6% during the period 2014 to 2025.

Polyurethane is also widely used in the market and the segment is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.0% during the forecast period, owing to the increasing use of it for the manufacture of auto components and flooring products. 

Advantages of polyurethane for car mats:

  • High strength  
  • Good thermal stability 
  • Great for tough usage. 
  • Good soundproofing capabilities.

Attributes luxury car mat materials should have:

  • The material should be of premium quality. 
  • It should be strong and sturdy.
  • Good washable materials are easier to reuse. 
  • Waterproof fabric to protect the car floor from liquid seepage and rusting.
  • Soundproof material is also important for a luxury car floor mat to ensure that the interiors provide the best audio experience.
  • And lastly, well accentuated, aesthetic colors and patterns to make the car look good from the inside and match with the rest of the interiors add on to the automobile’s extravagance.

Users must carefully note the properties of the mats they buy.

With a 5D mat, users get all these benefits in just one product. 5D mats are custom made for all BMWs, offering the best fit. These BMW car mats cover the entire interior and provide the car with a premium look and feel. The five-layer composition with waterproofed leather and other essential features make these mats very easy to clean whenever necessary.

Benefits Offered By The Mats

Before purchasing the mats customers must check if the product is able to offer the following benefits:

  • Quality BMW car mats keep the car clean and spotless at all times. A custom made car mat has the best fit. It acts as a way to protect the car floor from mud and other liquids. 
  • The floor mats should be easily removable. Thus even if they get dirty, they can be removed and cleaned without much hassle.
  • The mats must be custom-built according to the BMW. This means the areas around the pedals and the gear shift stick are perfectly cut and fitted. This makes driving a lot safer as there is less chance of the mat moving.
  • If soundproof, the mats provide the car with a beautiful acoustic ambiance as well.
  • An insulating layer in the mats ensures that the car remains warm even when operated in very cold temperatures.

Variety Of Options

A good quality product must offer different choices to customers to suit their needs.

When buying a quality BMW car mat, the owners would want something that goes well with the car interiors. Cheap rubber car mats that are only available in black are not the best in this scenario. Nor are the low-quality carpet mats that will start breaking apart after a few years of use.

Users need to find sturdy and long-lasting alternatives that suit their car interiors. 5D car floor mats are one of the best options that are available in different colors and textures. Owners can select from a wide variety of 5D mats to suit styles best for their vehicle.

Does The Mat Hamper The Driving Experience?

Cheap low-quality mats can be difficult to manage while driving because of the following reasons:

  • They are not custom made, they have no points to fix them. 
  • The car mats are just laid on the car floor. They can slide from their place easily when the car is traveling at high speeds. 
  • This poses a problem for the driver as the mat might get between the clutch, brakes, and accelerators.

On the other hand, custom made 5D car floor mats have special peg fixtures. These hold the mats firmly on the car floor. The mats are perfectly fitted around the moving parts ensuring no interference and the smoothest driving experience possible.

Where To Find Them?

Owners can find a variety of both online and offline retailers to buy the BMW car mats. These stores offer different types of mats at different price points. Before buying the mats, users must make sure of the authenticity of the product that is being sold. 

By carefully comparing the prices and features of the several available mats, the owners must find the BMW car mats with the best price to feature ratio. 

Aftermarket Mat Manufacturer Is the Best Option

Aftermarket mat manufacturers, as the name suggests, are firms that produce car mats specifically for different car models. The companies are also authorized by the original makers to sell the products. Here owners can find BMW car mats manufactured according to their car specifications for the best prices. 

Benefits of Buying Car Mats from Aftermarket  manufacturers

  • Being made by a dedicated company that specializes in making floor mats for luxury cars, these mats offer a range of additional useful features. 
  • They produce mats that are closest in dimensions to the ones produced by the car manufacturers. 
  • Except for the branding and logo of the manufacturers, the mats are almost identical. They offer the same performance standards, if not better.

MudSmart is dedicated in making high-quality 3D and 5D car mats for different cars. It is an online retailer based in Astoria, New York. The company provides high-quality laser-cut 5D car floor mats for BMW models. 

These mats are weatherproof and waterproof and can be very easily cleaned. The company offers its products at very affordable prices. It also provides a lifetime warranty on them.