7 Signs That You Need to Replace Your Car Mats

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Although there is an aesthetic reason to use floor mats inside your car, most of the car owners use them because they provide extra protection both to the vehicle and the driver/passengers.

Why should you use car floor mats?

The car floor mats, especially good quality mats, protect your car floor from wear-and-tear, stains, and even germs.

Yes, every car comes with carpeting of varying qualities, but you should remember that it is much easier to take out a car floor mat and clean it. The mat is not stuck to your car floor. It is not a single piece, as is the case with your carpeting. 

Here is a quick take on why every car needs good quality car floor mats:

  • They protect your expensive car floor carpeting from getting unbearably dirty. 
  • They protect your car floor from wear-and-tear.
  • They can be custom-made and hence, they look attractive under your feet.
  • They prevent liquids and other materials from going under the seats because they have raised corners.
  • They enhance the value of your car by minimizing damage to your car floor.
  • Car mats protect your cargo area.
  • Due to their anti-skid design and material, they prevent your feet from slipping, preventing accidents in the process.

Signs that you need to change your car floor mats 

Since your car floor mats are constantly protecting your carpeting from wear-and-tear, they bear the brunt of every assault, and consequently, after a while, they begin to get damaged.

Please remember that the car floor mat is constantly under your feet. Even when maneuvering your car, your feet are constantly interacting with it. If your feet slip or get entangled in the mat, it can even cause an accident.

Car floor mats are a lot less expensive than your main vehicle. They’re less expensive even than your carpeting.

Hence, you shouldn’t even think twice before changing your car floor mats.

Here are 7 signs you should look out for to know when you must change your car floor mats.

1. The floor mats don’t stay at a place

They must firmly fit under your feet. They should feel firm and grounded. If they are constantly moving under your feet you can get distracted and this can lead to an untoward incident. This is one of the first signs that you need to change your car floor mats.

2. They bunch or lift

Due to constant pressure, stretching and pounding, the floor mats become loose and stretched.

Consequently, they start lifting and bunching. This can be very dangerous for the driver. A folded mat can potentially block the brakes or the accelerator from fully pressing down, causing an accident.

3. They are the wrong size

Although this rarely happens when you purchase your car floor mats from a reputed seller, sometimes they are of wrong size.

Although you can somehow fit the floor mats, they constantly nag you because they don’t seamlessly become a part of your car.

There are edges jutting out. The surface seems uneven. It’s difficult to take them out and put them back.

Since they don’t fit properly, if you spill soda it will seep through the gaps and damage your carpeting.

The worst part is, sometimes you don’t even realize that due to the wrong size, dust and grime can reach the carpeting and since the flooring is covered, you come to realize when it is too late.

4. The floor mats are worn through

When people are constantly stepping on them, when you’re constantly putting heavy luggage in your cargo area, floor mats are bound to suffer from wear-and-tear. Holes can develop in various places.

These holes don’t just look unpleasant, they are also hazardous. Your foot can get stuck. Your heels can get stuck when you are switching between the brake and the gas pedals. Dust and grime can reach the carpeting through the holes.

If you spill something, the mat with holes is not going to protect your floor. Hence, worn out floor mats give you lots of inconveniences but little protection.

5. You are selling your car

Although this is not a sign, it makes sense to use new car floor mats if you’re selling your car, to improve its value. Only very experienced buyers are going to look under the floor mats and check the condition of the carpeting.

If your floor mats look good, it is going to help you sell your car faster and even fetch you more money.

6. Your car floor mats are smelling funny

This depends on the quality of your car floor mats. Floor mats that are made of good material are easier to wash.

They are water, dust, and fire-resistant and hence, most of the smelly stuff cannot remain on the surface of good quality car floor mats. Nonetheless, you may have floor mats that smell funny.

Often, if there is a foul smell in your car, it mostly emanates from your unclean floor mats. We are not suggesting that the moment you can feel foul smell you contemplate changing the floor mats – give them a good washing if possible.

If the smell doesn’t go away after the washing and you’re pretty sure that the smell is coming from your floor mats, it’s a sign that you need to change them.

7. You feel you need to upgrade your car floor mats

Maybe there was a time when you were in a hurry and you couldn’t spend much time figuring from where to get good quality car floor mats.

By now you know that good quality car floor mats are very important for your car flooring.

For example, you have come to our website and you have realized what a difference a set of good quality car floor mats can make. You need to upgrade.

An average quality car floor mat gets damaged fast. It doesn’t give comfort and protection to your feet. It doesn’t properly protect your car floor area. 

On the other hand, if you buy one of our 5D car floor mats, they give you 100% protection and comfort. They are water and dustproof. They are even fire resistant to a great extent. The raised patterns give your feet a firm fitting.

Go and look inside your car. Do you see one of the signs listed above? If yes, it is time to replace your car mats.


Worried that you may have to change your 3D or 5D car floor mats or car floor liners quite often? 

No, although we have explained in detail what signs to look for in case you need to change your floor mats, this is not a frequent occurrence.

In fact, we’re so sure of our car floor mats and all-weather car floor liners not getting damaged that we offer a “lifetime warranty” on most of our products. 

It’s just that, after all, they’re made of materials sometimes, these materials may get damaged.

Otherwise, once you have bought a set of 3D or 5D car floor mats or car floor liners, you are protected for many years to come.