What You Need To Know About Car Floor Mat Materials

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Car owners are very individualistic, with each having different needs and tastes and ways of expressing themselves. That is why companies that produce car floor mats use different materials to make different car mats that offer different options for car owners. 

It’s created from a host of different materials like nylon, vinyl, carpet fiber, and rubber. Each material provides a different feel and has various functions. 

As the owner, only you will know which one suits you and understand which type of floor mats you like. So how much are car floor mats? The average price of a good quality car floor mat ranges from 110 to 180 dollars, but premium floor mats can cost you in the thousands. 

When considering which car mats are best, you have to consider protection for your car’s floor and the aesthetic aspect of it. That is why we recommend specialized rubber car floor mats. 

We here at MudSmart offer premium floor mats at an affordable price for every car owner. You can check out what you need to know about MudSmart’s floor mats here. So let’s take a look at what car floor mat materials and what they create.

Rubber Floor Mat Materials

When it comes to car floor mats, rubber is the best material that offers maximum protection for your car’s floor. Rubber is the industry standard when considering floor mats due to its flexibility, durability, and longevity. 

If you are an active person, then rubber car floor mats are the best decision you can make when choosing a floor mat or liner for your car. Because of its versatility, it’s been the top choice for car owners when they need a custom design or pattern on the floor mats. 

Along with these things, rubber offers fantastic traction when driving so that you never slip. However, one of the drawbacks of rubber is that it doesn’t absorb any moisture. This is why companies like MudSmart created a five-layered rubber car floor mat with a top layer of foam. 

Along with the layers, the designs come with ridges that divert water and moisture away from the surface to a unique holder within the mat. The best part of rubber as a car floor mat material is that you can get them for cheap compared to other materials while also providing floor safety and protection.

Vinyl As A Car Floor Mat Material

Vinyl is a plastic polymer that is one of the most popular options for car floor mat manufacturers. The demand for nylon car mats has been increasing, and the manufacturers have noticed it. 

The production cost is meager, which is why so many owners find it the perfect option for their website. Often vinyl car floor mats come with a soft absorbent foam to ensure all the moisture is absorbed and is away from the floor. Then the final backside layer is a vinyl panel that provides there’s no leakage. 

Carpet Fibers As A Floor Mat Material

Carpet fibers are used to create carpet floor mats for your car, and they are considered the most stylistic options for car owners. These mats come with a clothing fabric with tough fibers on the surface. 

They often come in a wide variety of colors and fantastic sewing patterns. Carpet fibers are highly absorbent and work well with car owners who live near the wetlands. 

These floor mats usually have a rubber or vinyl back to ensure no moisture seeps into your car’s floor, guaranteeing maximum protection. Compared to the other two materials, carpet fibers offer the lowest form of protection. It’s usually more of a decorative piece on your car rather than an outright protection option. 

Choosing The Right Floor Mat

So there you go, now you know what are car floor mats made of. These are the three primary materials used in producing floor mats for your car. 

Choosing The Right Floor Mat - MudSmart

Choosing the right mat for your vehicle means you need to understand what you need. However, if you lead an active lifestyle, then rubber as a floor mat material trumps all. 

You can get MudSmart’s custom all-weather floor mats that offer the complete package. These mats are stylish and durable while guaranteeing premium protection for your car’s floor. What’s even better is that the custom rubber mats are easy to clean. 

You can check out how to clean the 5D floor mats here. So that’s about it for now. Do your research understand your needs before buying the next floor mat for your car. 

If you find something, you like then let us know in the comments below, or if you think we’ve missed something, then send them in. You can also hit us up on our socials for more information. We will come back soon with something new. Until then, see ya!