4 Brilliant Ways Of Removing Gum From Your Car Seat

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Chewing gums are for chewing and not sticking on the car seats (Ewww!) But it’s understandable because it’s mostly kids who do such things out of curiosity. Surely adults don’t do this (or do you?). Jokes aside, chewing gums are considered stress-relievers, and most people carry those with them. We sometimes tend to throw used gums outside through our car’s window, sometimes it hits, and sometimes it misses. And when it misses, it creates a whole lot of mess.

When the chewing gum ricochets back and gets stuck to the car seat or when your child gleefully sticks their used chewing gum on the seat, we know we have a problem. And the problem isn’t going anytime soon. It’s challenging to remove gum from car seats with bare hands, but with the proper techniques and tools, you can remove it quickly. Given below are some effective tips on how to remove gum from a car seat.

Using Ice Cubes

Ice cubes are one of the most efficient ways of removing gums. The temperature of the ice causes the gum to freeze and harden. As a result, it loses its texture and stickiness. The gum hardens due to the temperature, and that’s why it’s easier to remove it by scraping away. To freeze the gum, put a few ice cubes in a bag; plastic or Ziploc bags are better. Then rub the ice over the gum slowly until the texture hardens. Use a plastic scraping tool to remove as much gum as possible. Avoid scratching off the gum using your fingernails as it’s unhygienic and can stick on your nails as well. When you have scraped most of the gum, use a drop of dish soap into the spot and scrub the leftover gum bits using a toothbrush.

Using Commercial Adhesive Remover

Another brilliant way of removing gum from the seat is buying an adhesive remover. This remover is generally made to use for removing sticky residue from tapes, stickers, etc. But another great usage for this removing fluid is that it can eliminate gums as well. The chemicals of the remover break down the formulation of the gum and loosen up the tackiness. Take a clean towel and pour some liquid before rubbing it over the surface of the gum. After you have applied the remover, leave for a couple of seconds and then, using a scraper scrape them off gently. Use mild detergents, dishwashers, or soaps with water and clean the residue.

Using White Vinegar

Why do you need to go to the store to buy a commercial remover when you can simply raid the kitchen? Yeah! You can use kitchen ingredients to remove the gum. That magic ingredient is vinegar! Using either white or apple cider vinegar will give you effective results. However, white vinegar is better because it is slightly more acidic than the ACV. And being acidic means it can readily dissolve the gum and the residue.

Mix 1 tbsp of liquid dish soap and 1 tbsp of vinegar with 2 cups of warm water. Use a brush to apply the solution. Let the mixture to sit for a while before scraping it off. Use a small amount of car seat cleaner or dishwashing liquid and gently cleanse the area. Make sure that you have poured enough water into the solution. Never use raw vinegar directly onto the site as it can react with the leather/vinyl and burn the area. 

Using The Old Fashioned Tape

Should I let you know an easier trick? We used to do it in our schools to pull out the chewing gum from desks. And that trick is using a scotch or duct tape to pull off the gum. It’s a great trick when you don’t have vinegar or solutions at hand. First, take a significant size of tape; remember your tape has to be quite sticky. Too weak adhering power, and you won’t be able to remove the gum; too strong and you may rip off the car seat material. So, be very careful while picking a tape. Now, place the tape onto the gum and apply gentle pressure. Then try to peel off the strips gently. It shouldn’t take much effort to pull out the big chunk. After that, take some more tapes, place them on the leftover bits, and then peel off the tapes again. Keep doing so until you have all the gum pieces removed. Lastly, use a cleaning solution and wipe the freshly cleaned place to prevent a tacky finish to your seat.


See? Easy-Peasy! It’s not as difficult to remove gum as it seemed so. If none of the tips have helped you out, try using oils or oil-based solutions to clean off the area. Oil is a tried and tested method that effectively removes gums from surfaces. The oil will react with the gum’s ingredients and break the bond down, which will make your cleaning process a lot convenient. Just make sure you don’t use too much oil, or your car seat might get oily. A drop or two should do the trick. 

So, that was it guys, hope you have figured out a way of removing the gum from the seat. If you managed to do so, let us know. If you couldn’t, still let us know.