Buying a New Car? Why You Should Consider Buying 5D Floor Mats/Liners

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Are you about to buy a new car? First, congratulations. If a car is more than a utility for you, it is also an emotional investment. Depending on your commuting pattern, you may spend hours inside your car. You may also build many memories in it. 

Hence, buying a new car is always a special occasion – sometimes only for yourself, sometimes for the entire family.

So, are you considering buying 5D floor mats or liners for your new car?

A quick note on the difference between floor mats and liners:

Traditionally, floor mats don’t perfectly fit every nook and corner of your car floor. This job is done by liners. You can casually throw the floor mats under your feet and they protect a major portion of your floor area.

A liner on the other hand is molded according to the contours of your floor area. Liners are supposed to provide 100% coverage.

Having said that, even the custom-made car floor mats can perfectly cover your floor area these days. Hence, in this write-up, car floor mats and liners are interchangeable.

Why is it important to invest in floor mats or liners when buying a new car?

It is understandable that buying additional floor mats or liners when buying a new car can seem like an added investment. It’s a misconception.

Compared to other accessories and even compared to the overall value of your car, the investment that you make in quality car floor mats is negligible. And the good thing is, they protect your car more than any other accessory.

Remember that the foot area of your car is very crucial. Your feet are constantly resting and moving on the floor area. If you drive, you are perpetually using the brakes, the accelerator and other pedals with your feet with your heel dug into the floor of the car.

Protecting your expensive carpeting

Suppose you are buying an expensive car, something like a BMW or a Mercedes-Benz, Chevrolet or a premium model of Hyundai and Ford.

These cars come with premium quality carpeting on the floor. The material is expensive. It gives you a good feel under your feet. It is good to look at. It reeks of class and richness.

But how long is it going to look the same? You will be using your car regularly. You may have co-passengers. Your friends may travel with you. If you have a family and kids, then there is no doubt that they are also going to travel in your car.

They are going to stomp on the carpeting. They are going to throw stuff such as food and beverages. You cannot always 100% wipe off your shoes before entering your car and hence, dust and grime, snow sludge and all sorts of materials that cling to your soles, will also get deposited on your carpeting.

Just in a few weeks of use, your expensive carpeting will have stains and blots. It may even tear. It may even start smelling if it is not properly cleaned after an “incident” by a kid.

The premium look will be gone. If you want the same look back, you may have to take the car to the service station and either get it dry-cleaned, or get the carpeting changed. This is going to be quite expensive.

Getting quality car floor mats or liners is a much better and cheaper alternative. They give you almost 100% protection against wear and tear, malodor and other damages.

Maintaining the premium look of your car

Again, since the floor of your car bears the onslaught of the feet of various sizes and dimensions, this is the area that gets damaged the most, and begins to look dilapidated and frayed first.

If you want your car to keep looking premium quality, it is the floor area that you need to protect first, and one of the best ways of protecting it is investing in good quality car floor mats and liners.

Tailor-made car floor mats are easier to clean. When they get dirty or when something spills over them, all you have to do is, take them out, spray them with water or even wash them with a detergent, dry them, and put them back. The entire affair hardly takes 15-20 minutes.

How good quality car floor mats and liners keep your car in premium condition for long

You can clean the seats easily. You can keep your dashboard clean. You can even clean the doors and the doorknobs. Of course, you constantly clean the exterior body, and even the tires with a hose.

But what about the floor area? The floor area of your car, if not properly cleaned, can become the biggest eyesore inside your car.

No matter how premium quality your car floor carpeting is, after a few weeks, or at the most a few months, it is going to be as dirty as a rag. If you use your car regularly, you can hardly do anything about it, unless you want to turn yourself into a psychotic and bar everybody from entering your car. You know this is not possible.

A set of good quality car floor mats can solve your problem immediately. Your premium quality carpeting will remain premium quality as long as the car floor mats protect it.

Can every floor mat protect your premium quality carpeting?

Not necessarily. Only 3D and 5D car floor mats can give you the needed protection against the onslaught of your shoes, beverages, food items and other materials that can stick to the surface of your carpeting and give rise to stains, smell and germs. 

Take for example 5D car floor mats. They are made of high-quality water, dust and fire-resistant material. They are protected by tough padding.

If you get them custom-made through MudSmart they have raised corners that perfectly fit the peculiarities of your car floor, protecting every possible corner of your carpeting.

Even if someone accidentally spills liquid or beverage, the floor mat will stop it from flowing under the seats or other inaccessible areas. You can simply take out the car floor mat; empty its contents, wash it lightly, and put it back.

Not every floor mat can give you such protection.

But, that’s beside the point. If you are buying a new car, we highly advise that you also invest in a set of good quality floor mats.


Quite often, when buying a new car, the thought of protecting the car floor, or even the thought of the car floor getting damaged, rarely crosses our mind, but it is one of the most common problems faced by car owners, especially the new car owners who haven’t experienced this problem.

Buying all-weather 3D or 5D car floor mats is one of the best investments you can make on your car. 

Even better would be opting for custom fit car floor liners because they cover the entire floor area of your car and due to their raised corners, whenever you spill something on them, it never seeps through them. This one-time investment can save your car floor for years.