Car Floor Mats: To Keep Your Vehicle Hygienic and Aromatic

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Although the car floor mats remain mostly under the feet, they play a big part in keeping your vehicle hygienic and aromatic. 

How does it happen? After all, a typical car floor mat is subjected to grime, dirt and dust, snow sludge, and all sorts of unseemly materials, so, how can it remain hygienic and clean and also make your car interiors aromatic?

It depends on the make of your car floor mats.

Why are car floor mats important for your vehicle?

When you buy a car or any other vehicle, it comes with its own standard carpeting. Depending on the model of your car, the quality of the carpeting may differ.

With regular use, the carpeting begins to get dirty. When you step into your car, whatever is sticking to your shoes, ends up being deposited on your car carpeting in different proportions.

Kids may throw beverages and food items on the carpeting, which cannot be cleaned with regular cleaning.

Your vehicle carpeting begins to host harmful microorganisms. This can pose a danger to you and your family members. It also makes your car interiors smelly.

The problem with dirty or damaged carpeting is that it is difficult to take it out, wash it, or replace it. Getting it dry-cleaned in case it is very dirty, or replacing it in case it is damaged, can be expensive and inconvenient.

Therefore, people use good quality car floor mats to protect their carpeting.

There are multiple benefits of using car floor matting, including

  • Car floor mats are easier to replace.
  • They are easier to take out and wash – you can take out individual pieces and wash them separately if only a certain piece needs to be washed.
  • Car floor mats improve your foothold due to their anti-skid quality.
  • Good quality car floor mats are fire, water, and dust resistant.
  • They prolong the life of your vehicle carpeting and consequently, maintain the value of your car.
  • They help you keep your car clean and smelling good.
  • They can be custom made to perfectly fit the foot area.
  • Good quality car floor mats have carbon fiber exteriors which are known to be stronger than stainless steel, giving your car flooring full protection.

How your car floor mats keep the hygiene level of your vehicle high

The car interiors can be difficult to clean and wash. Whereas it is easier to clean car seats because they are easily accessible, cleaning the floor carpeting area of your car can be a challenge.

It is difficult to reach different corners. Also, extracting dust particles and other elements without a strong vacuum cleaner is near to impossible.

Cleaning the floor area by yourself also renders your car useless until it is dry. Consequently, most of the people avoid regularly cleaning the floor area of the car.

Quality car floor mats solve this problem in a single stroke. Good quality car floor mats, 3D and 5D custom-made car floor mats have raised boundaries that completely protect your floor area from grime and dust, rain, snow sludge, beverage spills, and food crumbs.

Just imagine, your kid spills her milkshake on your car floor. If you have a car floor mat, you can simply take it out, wash it, clean it, and put it back. But what if there is no floor mat? This can be a disaster. 

No matter how hard you scrub with a wet cloth, the milkshake that has seeped into your carpeting won’t come out easily. It is going to leave a stain. It is going to make the surface sticky and since it is going to be sticky, dust and grime are going to stick to it. Such places can be hotbeds for not just germs, but also insects. Such places can even attract rodents.

Not just beverages, you can think up of any liquid or material that goes into your car carpeting and gets deposited over there. It gets as unhygienic as you can think of.

A car floor mat on the other hand, gives you full protection. Everything that falls on the floor, falls on the floor mat.

And since it’s very easy to take the mat out immediately, clean it in any possible manner you feel like, and then put it back, you can keep the hygiene level of your car as high as you possibly can.

The Aromatic benefits of using car floor mats

One of the biggest sources of malodor inside your car is unclean upholstery and floor carpeting. As mentioned above, it is easier to clean the seats and other accessible parts of the car, but it is exceedingly difficult to clean the carpeting.

Over the months and years, the carpeting keeps on getting dirtier,  grimier, and eventually, it begins to give out of a foul smell. A single rainy or snowy season can leave your car smelly.

The embarrassing aspect is since you are regularly using your car, sometimes you get used to the smell and don’t even realize it but if someone suddenly sits in your car for the first time, or after a long time, he or she is going to be hit hard by the smell.

There are many car fresheners available in the market that can help you subdue the smell to a great extent, but after a while, even they cease to have an effect inside your car.

The best solution is, using high-grade car floor matting that keeps your flooring protected not just from wear and tear, but also from all the elements that may fill your car interiors with bad smell.

With raised corners, 3D and 5D car floor mats don’t allow the liquid spills to go under the seats or inside all those unseemly corners that cannot be easily reached for cleaning purposes. The carpeting under these floor mats remains as good as new even when you have used your car for years.


A clean car or a clean vehicle anyway smells good, but if you’re using some aromatic car freshener, its fragrance is going to linger in the air for a long time because there is nothing to spoil the air on your car floor. 

Your car floor is constantly protected by your car floor mats, against the assault of your own feet, and against all the liquids and materials that can leave your car smelling bad.

Further, since our car floor mats and all-weather car floor liners are made of high-grade material they are less prone to smell badly during extreme weather is whether it’s winter or summer.

In summer, whether you realize it or not, your car floor mats, or the floor liner begins to melt, and consequently, it begins to give a foul smell, and eventually, this smell permeates the interiors of your car completely. 

On the other hand, if you use high-grade all-weather car floor mats and floor liners, such a situation does not arise because the material does not spoil and remains the same throughout the seasons.