Simple Differences Between Regular Rubber Mats And 3D & 5D Floor Mats

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By now, you already know that floor mats are not just just for show or resting your feet. These are incredibly practical and important to your car’s health. Floor mats keep your vehicle’s interior clean and good-as-new, but you should know that not all mats are made the same. Rubber mats and custom 3D/4D mats are the most popular mats in the market. However, both are surprisingly different when it comes to lining your vehicle’s floors with 3D, or 5D floor mats offer edge-to-edge protection and is molded specifically with a stylish finish. 

Whereas rubber floor mats are an affordable, sleek, and robust carpet liner that only protects the carpet area. We here at Mudsmart specialize in providing car owners with high-end custom 3D and 5D car floor mats. We started this venture as a means to satiate the need in the market for quality floor mats at an affordable price. There are plenty of top-notch floor mat manufacturers out there that sell fantastic custom all-weather floor mats. 

However, we noticed that the market lacks affordable, high-quality custom 3D and 5D car floor mats, and we are here to change that. Because of our specialty, we know the differences between regular rubber mats and 3D/5D floor mats, and we thought we should let you know the differences so that you can make an informed decision. So what are the differences? Well, let’s check out what they are in the following passages!


The first feature we are going to talk about is durability. Rubber floor mats are made out of high-quality rubber materials that make them highly durable. It’s designed to repel liquids and mud easily while holding a ton of dirt and dust underfoot. Rubber is a tough material, and it will last you a long time. Now, when it comes to 3D/5D custom floor mats, the value is unparalleled. These floor mats come with grooves and edges that ensure dirt and grime are contained within the mats and don’t leak to the floor. 

Mudsmart’s 3D floor mats have ridges that take away the dirt from your footwell and into a separate compartment for later cleaning. Rubber mats don’t have any particular design, and most aren’t fully weatherproof. However, with custom 3D/5D floor mats, you don’t have to worry about protection at all. 3D/5D floor mats come with all-weather protection and are made with special thermoplastic elastomer. 

The material is highly durable and can withstand chemicals, heat, snow, dirt, debris, and other fluids. Mudsmart’s 5D all-weather floor mats are a class apart in that matter as it’s not only highly durable but are a breeze to clean. If you want to know more about cleaning custom floor mats, then you can check out our tips on how to clean all-weather 5D custom floor mats. The next feature we are going to talk about is cost, so let’s get into it!


Now, when it comes to cost, we concede that rubber mats are the cheapest ones out there when compared to 3D/5D floor mats. It all depends on your needs. Rubber floor mats are usually universal and have to be trimmed to fit your car. Along with that, you have to understand that rubber floor mats aren’t as durable as thermoplastic elastomer, so that they won’t last as long as 3D/5D custom floor mats. 

However, if you want a cheap option for your car, then rubber mats are the way to go. But if you think about your floor mat as an investment that you buy once and forget about it, then there is nothing better than a custom 3D/5D floor mat because these will usually last you a lifetime. We get that you may be on a budget, and that’s one of the reasons why we founded Mudsmart because we saw that quality 3D/5D floor mats cost a lot of money, and we wanted to change that. 

Our selection of custom 3D/5D car floor mats offers the same protection as the best floor mats in the market at a markedly lower price. You can find out more about Mudsmart’s custom 3D floor mats here. So be sure to know your needs and then decide which floor mats fit your needs more. Now that cost is done, let’s talk about the next factor, and that’s the fit of the floor mats, so let’s talk about them next!

Custom Fit Options

As we’ve been talking about for some time now, 3D/5D floor mats are usually using laser-guided 3D printing technology and are created for each model specifically. Each floor mat is molded precisely to ensure there is no space and there leaving no gaps for water and dirt to escape to the carpets or the floor. 3D floor mats are perfect for every car, and with these, you wouldn’t have to worry about odors, discoloration, or even mold. Custom 3D/5D floor mats also come with grooves or hooks underneath that ensures it stays in place. 

As for rubber floor mats, these aren’t usually explicitly made for each model but are more of a generic option. Rubber mats don’t come with grooves, nor do they protect the sides of the floor space. So if you are living in a place where it’s wet or stormy or if you lead an active lifestyle, then it’s better to get custom 3D/5D floor mats. These mats help keep your interior clean and tidy in the long run. 


Our cars aren’t just tools we use to move from one place to the other. For most of us, cars are usually an extension of ourselves, and for some of us, they can be an extension of our style. Style and aesthetics are an essential part of your car’s aesthetics. To set yourself apart, you need to take care of both the exterior and interior. Now, for you to completely spruce up your interior, then you will need the best custom floor mat. 


If you are looking for something classy that will instill a sense of style into your car, then you can’t go wrong with 3D floor mats. The best ones can even make your car feel more premium than it is. Carpet floor mats are the most expensive options, and there are a wide variety of colors and shade to choose from; however, these are very hard to maintain. Whereas rubber floor mats usually look cheap and don’t elevate your car’s interior. 

However, we believe the best option to give you the best service is custom all-weather 3D/5D floor mats. These are designed with each car in mind, and not only does it offers better protection, but it also makes the interior nicer as most come with a polished finish. You can hose off both rubber and 3D floor mats but cleaning 3D mats are a bit harder than rubber ones; but if you are ok with it, then we believe 3D floor mats are the best option for you. So those are all the differences you need to know about and if you want to know more about 3D/5D floor mats, then check out some things about the best custom floor mats in 2021.

Choose The Best Custom Floor Mats For You

As you can see, these are the differences between floor mats you should know about. Whether it’s rubber floor mats or 3D floor mats, the right choice is always the one that offers you value. Know what your needs are, and then make the decision on which one fits you best. Make sure you take into consideration the four features we talked about in the above passages. Those will help you understand better. If you want to make an informed decision, then you can check out some tips, tricks, and other information about custom floor mats. 

If you’ve already made your decision and are thinking about getting 3D or 5D floor mats, then you can check out our guide on how to install 5D floor mats. And with that being said, that’s about all we have for you today. We here at Mudsmart specialize in providing value for car owners by providing them with high-end custom 3D and 5D floor mats at an affordable rate. With Mudsmart, you will be able to not only spruce up your interior and ensure perfect protection. 

So if you want comprehensive protection for your car’s floor and need the best custom all-weather floor mats, then please check out the Mudsmart Shop. We are dedicated to providing you with all you need to know. For us, it’s more than just about selling floor mats. Our goal is to enrich the lives of our audience, and that’s why we write tips, how-tos, reviews, and guides about custom floor mats so that you are always prepared. So if you want to know more, then make sure you check the Mudsmart Blog. And that’s it for today. 
If you have any questions or need to know something very specific, please contact us, and we will get back to you with the answers. Also, let us know in the comments below what type of floor mats you are using right now, and hit us up on our socials to send in your thoughts and suggestions. Your feedback helps us improve our service, so please do send them in. We will come back with something new for you soon. Until then, see ya!