Expert’s Suggestion On Selecting 5D Car Mat Over 3D Car Mat

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Car floor mats are important for any good driving experience. Not only does it keep the car clean but also saves its floor from getting rusted by getting exposed to unwanted elements.

The automotive flooring industry is seeing a significant boost in recent years. Several different kinds of products are being used every year which bring more advantages. 

The automotive flooring industry is seeing a significant boost in recent years. Several kinds of products are being used every year which bring more advantages. 

Automobile production, in general, has been ramping up every year with more and more cars being released in a single year. All these cars require their very own custom-made floor mats or the generalized rubber or carpet ones. This had led to a boost in the car floor mat industry. In the period 2017 to 2027, the whole sector is about to gain a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 4.8%.

The US automotive flooring market is on its way to growing up to more than 3.5 billion in a few years.

The two major types of floor mats are 3D and 5D. 

Let us first individually see what 3D and 5D mats are along with their advantages and disadvantages. Later a comparative study can be made on all the specific features one by one to show why 5D car mats have a clear advantage over its counterpart.

3D Mats

3D car mats are generally rubbered carpeted vehicle mats. Unlike cheap rubber mats, these are custom-made according to the make of the car. 

The advantages of 3D mats are: 

  • They provide custom-build for the car.
  • They have good waterproofing abilities. 
  • Made with high-quality rubber, these mats are pretty water-resistant. 
  • Several patterns are embossed on these carpets. This is not just for show but it also increases the grip of the mat and prevents slipping over the surface.  
  • Also, the easy to remove and clean feature of the mats keeps it ready for reuse anytime.

However, there are also some notable disadvantages of the 3D option.

  • Firstly, being built of rubber they may smell bad if the car is exposed in sunlight for long hours. 
  • Custom-made 3D mats do not cover the whole floor space and are not soundproof enough. 
  • In a long service life, lack of these features and many more can severely affect driving performance.

5D Mats

The aforementioned 3D mat disadvantages can be really bothersome for a regular driver. In comes the 5D car mats. These have brought a revolution in the car floor mats industry.  These are made up of specially treated TPR (Thermoelastic Rubber). Being made from such a durable material, the different advantages it provides are:

  • Good quality waterproofing to the interior of the car.
  • Flame resistant and thus safe even in high temperatures.
  • Proper insulation to keep the car warm.
  • Ridges and patterns on the mats to increase grip.
  • Connected to the car base via easy to lock pegs.

 The 5D carpets are CNC or laser cut manufactured covering the floor, seats, and doors properly. Also, the look and feel of 5D car mats is a lot more premium. The custom-fit guarantees extra safety around the pedals and the gear shift. 

Customers can get these mats in a wide variety of colors and covering with motifs. This gives a car owner a huge choice of textures and styles to increase his car’s aesthetics. The carpet is fixed to the floor with pegs. What this means is no sliding while driving. The surface is specially treated to make it waterproof and antibacterial. This prevents the carpet from heating up, smelling bad, and getting wet. 

Though the cost to feature ratio is way above the average, these 5D mats are considered pricey. This is where MudSmart comes in.

MudSmart provides car owners with fantastic high-quality 5D floor mats tailor-made with laser cutting which are all weatherproof, waterproof plus even fireproof and super durable at very affordable prices. 

Now let us compare 3D and 5D mats based on some specific features.

3D vs 5D

Materials Made Out Of

  • The 3D car mat is usually made up of rubber or plastic.
  • The 5D car mat, on the other hand, is made up of high-quality TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber). This makes the mat waterproof plus flame-resistant and very durable as well.

How Easily Can They Be Cleaned

  • Both types of mats are dustproof and waterproof and can be cleaned conveniently by easy removal.


  • While the 5D mats are feature-rich and more complicated than 3D mats, it lasts for about 3 to 5 years.
  • 3D mats, on the other hand, are cheaper and sturdier and may last up to 12 years.

Internal Coverage

Though both the mats are custom made – 

  • 5D mats cover the interior of a car seamlessly, keeping it dust-free.
  • 3D mats only cover the floor of the car and not the doors or other tricky areas.

Thickness And Soundproofing

  • Being a single-layered mat, the 3D variant is a good soundproof mat.
  • The 5D mat is made up of good quality TPR and hence possesses a decent ability of soundproofing.

Smell After Long Use

  • The 3D mats are made up of rubber. This means, under very hot conditions, the car might smell pungent because of rubber.
  • The 5D car mats are very clean and odorless.

Ability To Stay At One Place

  • 3D mats are not fixed by any physical means.
  • 5D mats are held in place by pegs.


The winner between the two has to be the 5D mat with its tailor-made fit and a huge spectrum of choices.

Final Thoughts

We can thus see that 5D mats are the clear winner of the comparison between the two types of car floor mats. Though the longevity of a 3D mat is higher than that of a 5D mat, the high-quality waterproofing and extra safety in the car provided by the 5D is unparalleled.

Also, by buying 5D mats from Mudsmart, customers can get very reliable products at much affordable rates. The lifetime warranty provided ensures that the floor mat is safe and can serve the car owners for life. Drivers should enhance their driving experience by investing in a good quality feature-rich 5D mat.