5 Fantastic Volvo XC60 Accessories Every Near Fishers Need!

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Volvo is one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world. It started back in 1927 and is headquartered out of Torslanda in Gothenburg, Sweden. Volvo was first introduced in the US market back in 1955, and ever since then, it has established itself as a mainstay in the US economy as one of the major automotive players. Over the years, Volvo has churned out plenty of successful models, and one of the most successful models in recent years is the Volvo XC60. The compact luxury crossover SUV is considered one of the best cars the manufacturer has put out, and to boot, there are plenty of Volvo car accessories that can take the car to new heights as well. 

Mudsmart specializes in selling a specific Volvo XC60 accessory, and that’s custom Volvo XC60 floor mats. We provide XC60 owners with the best all-weather floor mats you can buy in the market at the cheapest rate. Given our close proximity to Volvo accessories, we know all there is to know about what you can fit on your XC60 for your next near fishing trip, and that’s what we will talk about today. In the following passages will be five fantastic Volvo XC60 accessories that you need to take on your near fishing trips. So let’s check them out!

Bicycle Holder

If you like to bring your bikes on trips, this is the perfect Volvo car accessory for you. Ensuring that there’s a holder mounted to the top of your XC60 will make sure transporting your bike is easy. Bike holders are usually made out of fortified aluminum, and it has diagonal quick-release straps that can be adjusted based on the tire width of the bike. If you are taking a long trip and want to go for bike rides, then you most definitely need to fit your Volvo XC60 with this accessory. 

Roof Box

The Volvo XC60 is one of the best cars you can have in its class when it comes to cargo space. However, for those of us who need more space on our near fishing trips, a roof box is a lifesaver. You can get a roof box with a volume of 12.4 cubic feet, and you would be able to fit in a lot there. Fitting the box is relatively easy. It has an aerodynamic design that minimizes wind resistance making it a versatile and fantastic accessory to add on your Volvo XC60 on your next near fishing trip. 

Steel Grille

One of the most popular Volvo car accessories you can buy is steel grilles. This is especially true for XC60s. If you carry many products and valuable cargo or just want some added protection, then getting a steel grille for your XC60 is the right way to go. The steel grille will stop things from being thrown forward that could hurt your passengers. Installing the Volvo XC60 accessory is easy, and it will only take you a few minutes to set up, and when you are not using it, you can fold it against the roof. 

Rear Sill Plate

If you want to protect your bumper from minor scratches and dings, then this Volvo car accessory is what you are looking for. It’s made from a brushed stainless-steel finish, the cover holds under scrutiny, and you can expect it to stay no matter how much wear and tear it gets. It’s invaluable as an accessory as it impacts your safety when driving the Volvo XC50, so make sure you check it out. 

All-Weather Floor Mats & Liners

All-Weather Floor Mats & Liners - MudSmart

If you are going near fishing, then it means there will be blood, scales, sludge, dirt, debris, mud, and water in your car, and you don’t want it to go to your floors and spread all over the place. That’s why one of the most popular car accessories for the Volvo XC60 is all-weather car floor mats. These are specially designed floor mats made with an industrial-grade thermoplastic elastomer that is resistant to the elements and harsh chemicals, protecting your car’s floor from all sorts of damage. You can find high-end custom-designed all-weather floor mats everywhere but if you want the best one in the market, then make sure you check out the Mudsmart shop.

Best Volvo XC60 Accessories Are Key to Longevity

So there you go, those are the five fantastic Volvo XC60 accessories you need to have before you go to your next near fishing trip. Make sure you get the best accessories in the market to ensure long-term protection. Regardless of whatever Volvo accessory you end up taking, one is a must. The all-weather floor mats are vital for protecting your car against the elements, so make sure you get the best of the bunch, and that’s where Mudsmart can help you. 
We provide XC60 owners with the best all-weather floor mats that offer round-the-clock protection, even in the harshest of conditions. So if you need one or want to talk more about the benefits, then please contact us, and we will help you out. Also, drop your questions in the comments below and send in your feedback on social media to know how we can improve our services. Your input is invaluable for us, so please do send them in. And with that being said, that’s about all we have for you today. We will come back with something new for you soon. Until then, see ya!