Mudsmart 5D FLOOR Mats
Product Information

  • Brand: MUDSMART
  • Item Type: Floor Mat
  • Color: BLACK
  • Material: TPE

Protect Your Car Floor with MudSmart’s 3D & 5D Floor Mats

Our adoption of Laser technology to accurately map the space that needs to be covered on your car floor allows us to ensure that our floor mats covers the targeted car floor entirely and smoothly. The raised edges in both of our 3D & 5D floor mats completely traps any substances (liquid, sand, etc.) within the confines of our floor mats and effectively protects the carpeting of your car floor. The advanced design of our floor mats makes them essentially long-lasting and capable of withstanding the effects of fire, water, sand and different weather conditions.

Easy to Installation

We will provide you the necessary and fairly easy instructions for you to install our floor mats in your car

Custom Designed Channels

The channels in our floor mats are custom designed to help trap substances within its raised edges

Use of Laser Technology

Laser technology allows us to accurately map space and dimension of car floors to be used as design input

Easy to Clean

The robust design of our floor mats ensure any and all substances on it can be washed off with great ease

Fire Proof

Our floor mats are constructed with TPE material which makes them highly resistant to fire


Use of TPE material ensures that our floor mats do not absorb or allows leakage of any liquid spilled on them

Protection against All Seasons and Weather

All of our floor mats are 100% safe even in extremely hot weather, contains no latex, cadmium, lead or any harmful PVC’s. High-Density TPE material not only provides excellent touch feeling and extreme wear-resistance but also remains flexible under extreme cold weather.

Safe & Durable

Custom designed channels and raised edges in our 3D & 5D floor mats can effectively trap the liquid, snow, sand, etc. and confine within the boundary of the floor mats and prevents it from being slippery. Our floor mats are highly durable and hence comes with Lifetime Warranty.

Easy To Clean

Extensive efforts were directed to ensure that our floor mats are skid-resistant meaning any substances spilled on our floor mats will not stick or be absorbed and will be effectively contained. Therefore, any substances (liquid, sand, etc.) can be washed off with great ease.