How To Choose The Best Camping Floor Mats For Your Car!

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There’s something serene about sleeping under the stars into an insulated cloth bag to shiver to sleep listening to the rhythmic lullaby of crickets with an occasional howl from distant wolves or the timely hoot from a night owl. Camping is a magical journey that lets you forget all the monotony and rigidity of life and allows you to see the beauty we often overlook because of the busy lives we live. 

You may already have decked out your truck or SUV with the perfect seat covers, roof racks, and maybe even a tonneau cover. However, did you ever think about your car’s floor? Well, you will be living outside and bringing in a lot of debris, mush, and moisture in your vehicle, so you also need maximum protection for your car when camping. 

So you need to get a camping floor mat when thinking about camping. We here at MudSmart specialize in creating top-notch all-weather floor mats that ensure maximum protection, so we thought we should let you know how you can choose one for yourself. But before we tell you how you can select the floor mats, let us tell you why you need one in the first place.

Why Do You Need Camping Floor Mats?

If you have ever been camping, you already know that predicting everything to make things smooth sailing is nearly impossible. Murphy’s Law is in full effect the moment you step out of your house. When you are living outdoors, no matter how hard you try, you cannot avoid mud. If you are in the woods, then rain might turn the solid ground into sloppy mudholes. 

So getting covered in mud is almost a given when camping outside. Not only that but sand or ash from campfires can also creep in with you, so preparing your car’s floor for the great outdoors is imperative. To ensure maximum protection, you need to choose custom all-weather camping floor mats. Here is a simple list of things you can check for when making your decision.

What To Consider When Choosing Camping Floor Mats?

What To Consider When Choosing Camping Floor Mats – MudSmart

Often we come across car owners who think that their factory floor mats will get things done right or the costly carpet they installed will help protect their floors. Well, we wish that were true. Factory mats usually start to wear down after a year or so and begin to lose their fibers, and you will see visible marks of wear and tear that will let moisture through. 

As for carpets, well, if you have ever gone camping with them, then you already know the disastrous results. The rugs are a hassle to clean anyway, and with the harsh outdoor weather, they are almost impossible to clean, and they never return to their previous best. Because of these reasons, you need all-weather floor mats custom fitted to your vehicle. Here are things you should consider when buying all-weather camping floor mats:

Durability: All-weather floor mats are made of highly durable materials like rubber, polymers, and thermoplastics. The best ones are made out of higher-grade thermoplastics that will last you a lifetime. Even if you are selling your car, you will see that the all-weather floor mats are still in perfect condition.

Weatherproof: While woven floor mats might look good on daily drives, they won’t last a day if you are camping. You need something that is more impermeable to the elements, and that’s where the all-weather mats come in. Look for the ones with designs that facilitate a clear path away from your feet. Designs with deep ridges and raised edges are always a good option, and MudSmart’s all-weather floor mats have specially designed to ensure maximum protection. 

Non-Slip: Regardless of whatever type of car floor mats you use, one aspect is vital to ensure your safety. That is, the mat should always stay in place. If your car’s floor mat is sloshing about while changing the brakes or hitting the gas, then it can become a dangerous situation that can turn fatal. Besides, you don’t want all that sludge or crud to get on your floors or carpet as it will only cause problems for you. Make sure you get all-weather mats with grooves that hold them in place. 

Easy To Clean: Carpets take a long time to clean, and it can seem like a burden at times. Now, when going camping, choosing an all-weather floor mat that not only provides you with protection but is also easy to clean is the way to go. Brands like MudSmart make sure the design is convenient enough to make cleaning the mats a breeze.

So these are all the criteria you need to look at when selecting your custom camping floor mat. Make sure you do ample research to find the right fit for your car. If you still don’t know why you should get all-weather floor mats, then you can check out its advantages.

The Right Mat For Your Camping Trip

Now that you know how to find the right camping floor mat for your truck or SUV, you will have no problem keeping your car’s floor pristine. Make sure you choose the right mat that fits your needs and your vehicle. To make things easier, here some of the best all-weather floor mats you can check out:

  • 3D Maxpider Kagu Floor Mats
  • AutoAnything SELECT All-Weather Floor Liners
  • WeatherTech DigitalFit Floor Liners
  • HuskyLiners Classic Floor Liners
  • Lloyd Mats Northridge Floor Mats
  • Rugged Ridge All Terrain Floor Mats

These are not the only choices out there. Do your own research and find out which custom floor mats fit your needs. Once you do that, you can let us know in the comments below your perfect fit. You can also tag us on our socials and show us which camping floor mats you used when going on your camping trips. And that’s about all there is for now. We will come back with something new for your soon. Until then, see ya!