How To Customize Your Car Floor Mats

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If you are wondering how to make your own car floor mats, the procedure is a little tricky. You can’t really create a car floor mat from scratch (i.e. making mat material), but what you can do is customizing car floor mats. That is, cutting a carpet piece and making it a floor mat for your car.

Car floor mats keep the floor of your car in good condition. They protect your car from stains and damages caused by your shoes, food crumbs, liquid spillage, etc. By protecting your car’s interior, your car mats are also keeping the repairing costs down. Re-carpeting is every car owner’s nightmare! That takes a lot of time and even money. If you don’t want to lose time and money, consider keeping floor mats. Without floor mats, the chance of your car’s carpet getting battered and dirty is pretty high. But then, not all can afford to buy high-quality car mats. So, here’s a little DIY for you.

How to cut floor mats for your car

Measure the floor

Take a measuring tape and measure the distance between the door and the center divider. The center divider in the front is your car’s center console, and the center divider in the back is the floor hump. Now, measure the floor from the end of the seat to the front stopping point for each mat. If you are unsure about the point’s place, simply sit in each seat and slide your feet as far on the floor. That’s the distance you will be measuring. After you are done with the measuring, it’s time to measure the space around the objects (brakes, seats, etc.) or inclines on the floor to make sure the mats fit inside.

Cut your existing carpet piece

If you have a well-conditioned carpet piece at your home, that will do. However, if you don’t have one, you need to buy one from your local hardware shop. Cut the carpet pieces according to the sizes you have measured. Make sure you have big and heavy-duty cutters or scissors to do the job. Normal ones won’t cut at all!

Fit the cut-out floor mats

Once you have cut the floor mats, place them on your car’s floor and see if they need to be trimmed. Use a marker to mark the places where it needs to be trim and trim them away. The floor mat’s shapes vary from the front to back sides of the car. Does the mat bunch up in the front side of the driver’s seat or underneath the clutch pedals? If it does, then the fitting isn’t correct. You need to trim some more material.

How to fix car mats to the floor

If you struggle to keep your car’s floor mats in place, there are a few ways you can fix this. These even works for custom made floor mats

How to fix car mats to the floor - MudSmart

Putting some screws

This is a tricky method and may cause you concerns, but it can efficiently hold your car floor mats if done correctly. You don’t need to drill holes through the bottom of your car’s floor. Just drill a part of the floor so that the screw catches the carpet. You can use multiple screws to secure floor mats or a single screw, whatever you wish. 

Use car floor clips

If screwing your floor gives you anxiety, clips are your best friends. Clips like Anti-loc are available in the market for securing the mats to car floors. Many drivers use these clips to secure the mats. These clips are also known as floor mat clips, and they are mostly made of plastic. If you are worried about corrosion, be assured that nothing will happen to the clips and the mats. Do keep in mind that not all floor mat clips are compatible with all models, so make sure the clips are compatible with your car’s make or model.

Use carpet tape

If clips don’t do good for you, the cheapest option of fixing your car mat to the floor is applying carpet tape underneath. You can prevent the floor mats from sliding by taping them under. These tapes are double-sided, which means both sides contain adhesive. The process is pretty much self-explanatory – pull up the mats, stick the strips where they are needed and then place the floor mats in place. Check if the adhesive is gripping the mat accurately. This will work as long as the glue holds. Once the stickiness is gone, you need to reapply the tape.

Final thoughts

Whenever you are making a DIY car floor mat, always buy thick carpet pieces to work with. Thick and heavy carpet pieces make an excellent car floor mat because they don’t slide much and stay on your car’s floor. I would advise you to do the same for buying car floor mats. Buying heavy-duty floor mats won’t slide across the bottom of your car’s cabin. 

Frankly speaking, it’s better to buy car floor mats as they are durable, inexpensive and give lasting protection to your car’s floor.