MudSmart Unveils the Importance of Car Floor Mats

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Most car owners want only the best for their beloved vehicles. If you are one yourself, you probably wish to protect it from as much wear and tear as possible over time. You undoubtedly also want to maintain (if not raise) its value. 

Did you know that car floor mats could very well be one of the keys that will help you achieve that? Unbelievable? 

Wait till you learn the true importance of a car floor mat from these facts.

  • Provides adequate protection from stains and even damage

The protective capabilities of most modern-day car floor mats have already evolved to include more sophisticated durability. 

3D car floor mats and 5D car floor mats, for example, are actually not only dustproof but fireproof and waterproof, too. It really depends a lot on the material of the car floor mat, though, and how it’s designed.

5D car floor mats, for instance, capitalize on raised edges to heighten its protective features, particularly anything that the elements throw at it. 

Complement this ability with a carbon fiber exterior, which has already been proven to be stronger than steel, and you practically get the ultimate protection for your car against the usual culprits like stains and heat and moisture sources (like cigarette butts and flood water) that could damage your car for good – especially its inner carpet. 

All-weather mats are infinitely better at providing this kind of ideal protection; it’s actually miles ahead of rubber mats because it is able to not only reduce the dangers of slippage but also keep mud from making its way into your car. 

We are, in fact, so confident of our 5D car floor mats that fall under this category that we don’t hesitate to attach lifetime warranties to them. 

  • Car floor mats can help protect you from diseases as well

Did you know that more than 700 bacteria strains have a chance of proliferating in your vehicle? 

And what do you think harbors the most germs? A lot of people will probably say the steering wheel, and yes, it’s still a viable answer considering our hands are one of the most prone to getting dirty. 

But studies actually show that the dirtiest part of the car is the floor mat of the driver’s side by virtue of it being the most frequently used portion of the vehicle. 

It may not be as accessible to us as the steering wheel, but a dirty car floor mat can still pose a health risk. Just think of the possibility of dropping items on your germ-infested mat then picking them up with your bare hands. Certain bacteria and viruses also tend to survive long enough in our footwear – for days, actually. 

These reasons are actually what drove 5D car mats and 3D car mats manufacturers to design them that way. These mats, like the ones offered by MudSmart, have innate materials and features that allow it to naturally repel dirt and germs. 

Almost all are designed to make cleaning a walk in the park every time, allowing you to save on disinfectants and time and effort, too. 

  • It can reflect your personality and add style to your car

There are, after all, numerous custom car mats that you can have created for you via MudSmart alone. No one wants a dull, generic-looking car that is devoid of anything that will make it stand apart. 

Even the color and style you choose for your car floor mats alone can already add an aesthetic touch to your vehicle, especially if you make sure it fits the overall style and colors of your car. 

At MudSmart, we let you choose from hundreds of styles for every mat that you find to your liking. You get all the essential protective features and design of any mat that you select, then you can have all the freedom you need to personalize it. 

How Car Floor Mats Can Increase the Value of Your Car?

It’s not farfetched to say that high-quality car floor mats can also up the value of your car and easily attract a potential buyer should you wish to sell it. 

Most of the reasoning behind this again stems from the way a car floor mat can keep clean and protect pretty much a wide bulk of the interior of your vehicle. 

It’s not just about having your car deep cleaned when you finally decide to sell it, after all. Any savvy car buyer will instantly spot the difference between a car that’s been quickly refurbished for selling purposes and one that has been properly maintained through its years of use. 

Moisture that your car gets exposed to, thanks to a not-so-great mat that you used for a long time, can readily give tell-tale signs that you rarely can’t address permanently (e.g. rusting in the floor). 

But if you use a more complete protector like 3D car floor mats and 5D car floor mats, you will definitely be able to bypass this common issue altogether and boost the value of your car. 

No doubt, the buyer will immediately notice this quality and will probably be also wowed by the kind of superior and stylish custom car floor mat that you used in your vehicle. 


As you can see, car floor mats are not so much just about protection as serving as a way for you to bring out your personality and your car’s. 

Furthermore, it maintains and increases its value – which not a lot of car accessories can boast of being able to bring about. 

These are all factors that most car owners, one way or another, consider as top priorities. After all, who among us doesn’t want a car that is germ-free?

What responsible car owner would just be lax when it comes to dealing with factors that might degrade his possession’s value? 

With an excellent car floor mat, you will always have the peace of mind that you are not missing out on any of these important factors.