Reasons You Really Need New Floor Mats Post COVID-19

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In a post-COVID-19 world, we can expect a lot of changes to happen. We can even use the analogy of starting over when talking about such a time when the world’s societies will finally complete its transition into the new normal. 

At best, such a change compels us to begin anew in a lot of aspects of our life.  But, more importantly, it requires us to exercise caution. 

And what better place to start than in the everyday objects that we use on a daily basis?

The ones that we come regularly come into contact with day in and day out. Floor mats are but one of the myriad items that we use, especially when traveling to and from work.

In this post, we will provide compelling reasons why you should consider buying new floor mats after this pandemic. 

  • There is clear evidence that coronavirus can last for a long time in shoes. 

One of the main reasons why we are encouraged to replace some of our belongings post-COVID-19 is to stem as much as possible the transmission of the virus. 

Shoes, so it happens, tend to be a haven of germs considering their general purposes. 

It goes without saying that our footwear always rests on the surfaces of mats, like car floor mats, for certain periods of time that can extend to hours depending on the traffic condition. 

That said, there’s always a possibility for your floor mat to start collecting the germs that your shoes gather every time you’re outside. Coronavirus is obviously not exempted from this. 

We can never really be certain whether any type of surface actually contains coronavirus. 

Admittedly, you will be at a higher risk if you work in a hospital or are required to visit a healthcare facility regularly. You can also just make sure that you take the time to disinfect your shoes regularly. 

However, since experts have already proven that shoes tend to harbor coronavirus for up to five days, it’s better to err on the side of caution when using objects that our shoes always come into with. 

  • The material of your floor mat can make all the difference in the world. 

Even if you decide to purchase a new floor mat after the COVID-19 crisis has waned and ushered in the new normal, you still have to be mindful of its material.

What’s the use of buying a different floor mat, if you’ll only end up with the same material (if not worse)?

It’s already been established, for instance, that coronavirus can live for up to two to three days on plastics. In fabrics and rubber, there’s not much known yet, as in other materials.

And that’s really what makes the coronavirus still a very persistent, dangerous even well after its peak. There’s still plenty of factors that are unknown. 

What makes matters worse is that not many studies have really taken a look at the possibility of getting coronavirus from your floor mat.

Experts advise disinfecting door knobs, phones, countertops, and tables. But floor mats are rarely discussed or even considered. 

Once we think about the lifespan of the coronavirus on shoes, though, it’s really not hard to see that there’s a very real chance that coronavirus can survive in mats as well. 

  • You might just be forced to consistently disinfect your floor mat in the long run. 

As in the grocery items that we buy and the countertops we place numerous objects on if you don’t have the right floor mats for the car, it would only mean more regular expenses for you.

The bulk of your unnecessary expenditures, of course, might end up falling on disinfectant purchases. 

We say unnecessary because there are actually mats that help keep themselves clean simply because of the materials they use and the design.

For your reference, we took the time to discuss it as well in the following section. 

What Car Floor Mats Should You Consider Getting in the New Normal After COVID-19?

When trying to decide what car floor mat you should get, you don’t really have to go into the specifics like what materials it uses.

While we did say they are important, it’s infinitely better to focus on what the car floor mat actually manages to deliver. Of course, you have to pay more attention to how it will be able to keep itself free from becoming a potential coronavirus transmitter.

It’s not really hard to recommend most 3D and 5D car floor mats if we’re only going to consider a mat’s protective capabilities.

A lot of mats, like the ones designed by MudSmart, are highly resistant to the elements (or all-weather mats, in short). 

More importantly, these mats manage to be dust-free and can shield themselves from small particles like dirt and, of course, germs as well. Such a feature practically erases the need for you to constantly clean the mat.

Yes, you will still need to make sure they are properly sanitized, but you can have the much-needed peace of mind that you are using mats that don’t compile anything dirty and a potential health hazard.

These mats also don’t skimp on the durability.

Sure, they might cost more than your average rubber mat, but there’s really no other option that can beat these floor mats when it comes to toughness and protective capability. 


Constant vigilance has always been the lasting message echoed by numerous health experts when talking about stemming the COVID-19 disease.

Buying a new floor mat may seem trivial at first glance, but once we regard the possible risks to health that using the wrong mat may bring, only then will we see that it’s not really hard. 

What the coronavirus pandemic proved was that we can never really be too careful when dealing with viruses with such a very high chance of getting transmitted easily.

Since COVID-19 is here to stay, going the limit to exercise these precautions can actually be considered as a normal step in keeping ourselves and our loved ones free from it.