Simple Ways To Protect Your Car Floor Mats

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If you use their car daily, you already know that your floor mats take one helluva beating every day. It helps you protect your vehicle in every situation, from the cold and dreary winters or sand-filled beach days to the gloomy rain-filled drive-throughs. While the floor mat is protecting the car, many car owners forget to protect it. Now, you don’t have to protect it per se. What we mean by protection is to take care of it to expand its lifespan. 

Whether you are using thermoplastic elastomer floor mats or carpeted floor mats, there’s a way to protect it all. We here at MudSmart pride ourselves in being one of the best in the floor mat market for providing the best quality all-weather floor mats at an affordable rate. Our entire mission is to ensure car owners find value in their floor mats. So we know all there is to know about protecting floor mats to ensure longevity, and here in the following passages, we will tell you how you can do that. So let’s start!

Carpets Vs. Rubber Mats: Which Do You Have?

It obviously goes without saying that the first thing you need to know is which type of floor mat you have because different floor mats have different needs. You cannot protect a carpeted floor mat like you would a rubber one. However, taking care of both rubber and carpeted floor mats is relatively easy. All you need is a little bit of elbow grease and some persistence, and you will have a floor mat that gives you years and sometimes decades’ worth of service. Let’s check out how to take care of your car’s rubber and carpet floor mats!

How To Take Care Of Carpet Floor Mats?

Carpet floor mats offer exceptional comfort to car owners, and that’s why they are one of the most popular options out there on the market right now. However, they are harder to clean than rubber floor mats. One of the most popular choices for protecting carpet floor mats is to use clear vinyl mats over the carpet floor mats. These help you keep the trouble at bay. Clear vinyl mats can stop your carpet from getting ruined by dirt, water, food, and coffee, or any other type of staining liquid. You might even be able to find vinyl mats that work as sleeves for your carpet mats. 

Simply slipping it on like a sock will do the trick. But if you do choose a vinyl mat to protect your floor, make sure it has ample grip. You don’t want it to slip when you are driving. Now that’s one way of protecting your carpet mats, but how do you clean them? Well, to clean your carpet mat, you need fabric cleaner, a bucket, two or more clothes, a paint scraper or butter knife, white vinegar, liquid handwashing soap, and some sort of rug and carpet protector. Once you have all of these, follow the steps below:

  • The first thing you need to do take out your floor mat and place it on a clean, flat surface like a driveway, sidewalk, or patio. Make sure the place is well-ventilated, so somewhere outside would be perfect.
  • Then take your butter knife or paint scraper and start scraping off the dirt and debris from the carpet. For any excess debris, take a cloth and start blotting but do not rub.
  • Then take a bucket, mix one tablespoon of liquid hand washing soap with one tablespoon of white vinegar with two cups of warm water.
  • Dip a clean side of the cloth in the solution and start to blot the stains.
  • After that, mist the carpet with a fabric cleaner’s light spray to get rid of any vinegary smells.
  • With a clean, dry cloth, blot out the remaining excess moisture from the carpet. 
  • Use the rug and carpet protector you have and make sure you follow the instruction given on the packaging. 
  • Let it dry overnight, and then it’s ready to be put back into your car!

That’s easy, right? There’s not much hassle to it, and you can do it any time you are free. However, cleaning rubber floor mats is even easier. So let’s check that out next!

How To Take Care Of Rubber Floor Mats?

Rubber floor mats are best for people who want durability. These mats can take a lot of punishment from a wide range of weather conditions. Cleaning the mats is easy as well. Most of the time, you can just dust it off outside and reinstall it in a matter of minutes. Just because it can take much punishment doesn’t mean you can just ignore it. You need to take care of the mats to elongate their lifespan and help protect your car for an extended period. 

How To Take Care Of Rubber Floor Mats - MudSmart

The first thing is you need to clean them regularly, and the second thing is that you can apply products to enhance and protect them. So first, let’s talk about how you can clean the rubber floor mats. Before you start cleaning, though, you need to have near you a garden hose, a large scrub brush, a small scrub brush, and a degreasing detergent. Once you have these in place, you can follow the steps below:

  • Take the4 rubber mat out of the car and hose it down with your garden hose.
  • Cover the entire surface area of the mat with a degreaser, and make sure you use enough.
  • Start briskly scrubbing the mats with a large scrub brush until the degreaser starts to bubble. You shouldn’t be gentle on this part. Be aggressive enough and use some elbow grease on this part.
  • Once you are satisfied with the scrubbing, hose it down again.
  • After hosing it down the second time, use the degreaser again. Now focus on the grooves and hard to get edges on the mat to get rid of any remaining dirt lurking in these spots.
  • So hose it down a third time until you see there’s no solution on the mat.
  • Then just simply dry the rubber floor mat in a shaded area. If you want to cut down your drying time, use a leaf blower, compressed air, or a microfiber towel.

So that takes care of cleaning your rubber floor mats. The process is simple and easy, and it really doesn’t take up much of your time. Now, that’s not all you can do to protect your rubber floor mats. There are products you can use to enhance their performance and lifespan. However, you have to be really careful when using products like this as many can make your floor slippery and don’t want a slippery floor when driving. Here are two different types of products you can use:

Vinyl and Rubber Protectant: This will help improve and restore the rubber material. However, we recommend you do some research and find one that’s slip-resistant and has no greasy or slippery elements to it.

Spray Wax: We don’t want to say you should use this explicitly, but there are some great ones out there that really help keep your rubber floor mat in tip-top shape. Like the other protectant, find one that isn’t slippery and aids in protecting and improving your rubber mat’s performance. 

Keeping Things Simple

So there you go. Those are some simple ways you can protect your car floor mats and help extend their shelf life. We here at MudSmart understand the need for maximum protection and came up with an innovative 5D floor mat that integrates top-notch design elements to not only trap dirt and debris but make it a breeze to clean. So you can check out the MudSmart shop if you are in the market to find the best all-weather floor mats for your car. 

And with that being said, that’s all we have for you now. Let us know in the comments below what type of car you drive right now and which floor mat are you using. Hit us up on our socials and send us your thoughts and suggestions on what we should talk about next. We will come back with something new for you soon. Until then, see ya!