The 4 Main Advantages of Using Water Proof & Fire Resistant Car Mat

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Car floor mats are essential to maintain the interior and luxury of a car. Not only for the sake of appearance, but car floor mats also secure the floor of the vehicle. It prevents dirt and water from coming in direct contact with the floor and to cause rusting. 

The global trends show how important these mats are for the cars and the business potential of this industry. The global car mat market is supposed to reach from 26.6 billion USD in 2017 to 33.7 billion USD in just 5 years.

Though a variety of car floor mats can be bought on the market, users must pay serious attention at the feature to price ratio. Most of the mats are cheap but not up to the standards. Few features of the mats are very basic and essential. Two of these are waterproofing and fire resistance. The provision of these two features can make sturdy mats which will be long-lasting. 

To discuss the importance of how essential the basic features are for a car floor mat, here are four main advantages of using waterproof and fireproof car floor mats.

Signs of Quality Material Used

Both fire resistance and waterproofing are basic features that make the car secure as well as keep it in the best condition after daily use. A low-quality mat may last a few days but without these features, it starts to degrade very easily.

Both these features require materials of high strength and overall safety. A carpet based mat is prone to get wet or catch fire easily. While in the case of a rubber mat, waterproofing is assured but they are not safe for hot temperatures and start to smell pungent. Also, the first kinds of car floor mats are not strong. With some usage, the carpet based material gets frayed and torn into shreds.

Finding the right material thus becomes essential. Owners should look out for 5D car floor mats. These are five-layered custom fit mats made for cars. Each layer specializes in a different feature. With 5D mats, good fire resistance and waterproofing are ensured and users get the best value for money.

Waterproof Mats Are Easy To Clean                                                                                                                                                                                                                   The floor mats keep the floor covered and secure from dust. This also means that it saves the car floor from water and other corrosion agents. 

  • When waterproof mats are used, the floor is shielded from sticky fluids and even mud. 
  • One benefit is that proper waterproof car floor mats can be removed from the car easily and cleaned. The liquid or mud accumulates on the surface of the mat which can be simply dusted off later.

Why is the fit of the mat so important?

The different mats available in the market should be carefully inspected regarding their dimensions. 

  • The fit is very important for proper waterproofing capabilities. Rubber mats and other general kinds of mats are not suited for every car model. 
  • These leave some of the floor space open allowing water to sweep through easily. 
  • When a custom fit high-quality 5D car mat is used, all these trivial issues can be eliminated. Users not only get waterproofing on their feet space but also on every other part of the car interior. 

5D mats are designed specifically for the make and the model of a car and thus provide a seamless transition between the car walls and floor.

Waterproof Floor Mats Are Sturdy And Long-Lasting

High-quality waterproof car floor mats are built with sturdy and flexible products that enable them their constant usage. The owners may buy rubber mats which are inherently waterproof or high-quality 5D mats that have special waterproofed skins. 

The quality of waterproof mats makes them long-lasting and easy to use. Still, a cheap mat can cause driver disturbance by sliding from its place. Mats with proper adhesion points are best suited for a car. 

Whatever be the type of mat- rubber or carpet based, users should ensure their moisture-absorbing capabilities.

Fire resistant Mats Enhance Car Safety

Fire resistant car floor mats keep the car secure even in most dangerous situations. Being properly insulated, these mats can save the car occupants in case of a fire. Owners must make sure that the material used for the car mats is flame resistant.

Avoid Rubber Mats

Rubber car mats are at a disadvantage in most respects. Following are reasons why rubber mats are not the perfect option for cars:

  • Such mats are usually easily flammable and also give out toxic fumes when burning. 
  • In case of an accident, chances of flames spreading in the car significantly increases with mats of this kind. 
  • At high temperatures, the mats become chemically unstable and start smelling. This is another common problem faced while using rubber mats. When the car is kept under direct sunlight for long, these mats start emitting dangerous fumes.

Therefore, users must go for advanced 5D mats. These have a special fire resistant coating that makes them chemically stable when operating at high temperatures. Even if the mat ever catches fire in an accident, owing to the presence of proper insulating materials, the heat and the fire are not allowed to spread in the car.


The different types of mats in the market should be properly inspected. With proper waterproofing and fire resistance capability, a car is secured and stays in working condition for a long time.

Other equally important attributes that the owners should look for in car floor mats are proper insulation, soundproofing, good car floor coverage, etc. All these features together with the basics make the mats most suitable for a car.

Users will find the 5D mats standing out in all these criteria. These mats offer the car all the aforementioned features. It also provides the driver with the best driving experience. 

Owners can buy these mats from a variety of online or offline retailers at different price points. Like always the feature list must be inspected and products should be compared before purchase.

MudSmart provides 5D mats custom made for the cars at very affordable rates. We mats have tons of features and are also explicitly waterproof and fire-resistant.