Top Seasonal Car Floor Mats You Need in 2021!

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There’s a car floor mat for every season. This is because every season has its own demands. The right floor mats for every season can protect your vehicle from all sorts of dirt, grime, and moisture which can cause problems in the carpeting underneath. Floor mats can even prevent your vehicle from rust and corrosion. Therefore choosing the best seasonal and all-weather floor mats for cars or vehicles is a must. 

How should you choose an all-season car floor mat then? Good question! Before buying the best seasonal car floor mats, you need to understand certain aspects first. Here are some choosing factors that you need to know before buying seasonal car floor mats.

Understanding the influences

Seasonal floor mats in summer can deal with humidity, hotness, and warm temperatures. Your mats will most likely be covered with dust, sand, and dried mud. For summer, using a thinner mat specially made of rubber or vinyl is usually ideal. During the winter, the snow, hail, and frost can make your mats moist and muddy. So, you should always opt for mats with water resistance that stay in good condition even when the temperature is minus. Monsoon is a whole different story! We don’t need to tell you that rainy seasons are the worst for car mats. All the wetness, the mud, and other debris stuck to your car mat isn’t a pleasant scene at all. And nobody can deny the pain of keeping your mats regularly clean during that particular season. You need thick, heavily waterproof mats with a plastic or rubber underside for a durable and robust base. Plastic or rubber mats take lesser time to be cleaned, and therefore most prefer them.

Check the edges and lips

Cleaning a car floor mat is a nightmare, honestly! If you live in a wintery or rainy region, choose mats that are made of thicker material. Also, don’t forget to select mats with rubber or plastic lips around the edge. The edges can easily trap snow, rain, dirt, dust and prevent them from coming in contact with the floor. The prevention helps salt and water from trapping under your mats and forming rust and corrosion over time.

Keeping a tab on the fitting

The third deciding factor for seasonal mats is to consider the fitting of your mat. You don’t wanna regret buying the wrong sized mat for your floor, will you? Hence, make sure you buy floor mats that are mainly designed for your car’s floor plan. Buying and fitting the wrong floor mats can result in insufficient coverage, which will ruin the aesthetics and have no use whatsoever. If you are confused about which floor mats to fit, taking measurements is always better.

Top Car Floor Mats Of 2021

Looking for the best all-weather car floor mats? Here are some best car floor mats brands that are crafting some of the best car floor mats you need in 2021.

Husky Liners Weatherbeater Floor Liners

Everybody knows about Husky Liners and their floor mats; there is nothing new to say! This floor mat is designed for various vehicles and delivers excellent interior protection against the harshest climate and weather. The lips and edges are raised, which helps protect the underlying carpeting from water, dirt, snow, mud, etc. The rubber mat is durable and can endure abuse for a longer without getting damaged. The mat is slip-proof which means that you won’t slip and fall. And because this premium floor mat contains a ridged and rugged design, the possibility of slipping or sliding is significantly less. 

OxGord Universal-Fit Rubber Floor Mats

Need a floor mat that doesn’t budge even after trampled by your shoes? The OxGord Universal Fit 3-Piece Rubber Mats are just the perfect ones! The heavy-duty rubber it is constructed of is durable, strong, and tear-resistant. Not only that, it can resist water and stain formed due to moisture, snow, mud, etc., and keep your carpet totally clean. The uneven texture and ridges also help retaining stability and trap dirt and dust.

Maxliner Floor Mats

Now, most rubber or plastic floor mats have a weird odor by default. That doesn’t necessarily mean the mat is faulty or something. However, many people can’t stand that putrid smell! If you are one of them, you don’t need to dread it cause Maxiliner floor mats are made from 100% recycled material made from rubber and plastic. Thus they contain no odor at all. The second best thing about this all-season/ all weather mat is that it can protect your car’s interior from any season and weather. The mat has a skid-resistant surface which ensures a firm grip even when the situation or weather is slippery. The exterior design features a raised lip so that dirt or water doesn’t seep through. The third best part is, Maxliner offers a lifetime warranty which means you can seek their assistance any time! One minor drawback is that these mats don’t fit Chrysler Pacifica hybrid models, so bad luck if you own that one!

FH Group Heavy-Duty 4-Piece Car Floor Mats

Who doesn’t want an easy-to-clean floor mat? That’s why we have included FH Group Heavy-Duty car floor mats into the mix. They are heavy-duty rubber and can handle almost anything, from water, snow to dirt and dust. Spilled juice, food? Never matter! You can clean them by vacuuming or using soap water. Another great thing is these limers come in a universal fit for most sedans, SUVs, and trucks. 


There you have it! A few best floor liners from the best car floor mat companies that you shouldn’t miss. These are highly durable, efficient, and cost-effective, meaning they can easily last for a couple of years.