Types Of Car Floor Mats: The Affordable, The Functional & The Posh-Looking

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Let me ask you first, why do you need car floor mats? To keep your car’s carpet clean, right? Well, that’s not the only thing these mats do; they are more functional than we give credit for. You might not notice these features as a passenger, but it hits differently as an owner and a driver of your car. The right types of car mats can change the entire mood and aesthetic of your car’s interior. But that’s not all! Some floor mats with a high-quality build can ward off any foul odor caused by the germs and dirt inside your car.

So, what are we here for? We are here to get introduced to the types of car floor mats that manufacturers offer, and users adore. Let’s take a peek at the types and seek some lessons.

Rubber mats

Pros: Durable, long-lasting, waterproof, anti-skid functions

Cons: Doesn’t have aesthetic value, expensive, gets dirty easily

Rubber mats are reliable car floor mats and are widely accepted by people. The unbeatable durability and protection make it an outstanding candidate for floor mats. It also provides greater resistance to weather conditions such as rainy and snowy weather. Drivers find rubber mats beneficial as they don’t slip even if the entire mat gets covered in mud; this makes the pedal usage easier for the drivers. As rubber mats are waterproof, no liquid spillage or wet substances can ruin or stain the carpeting underneath the mat. Rubber mats are very easy to clean, as well. They resist dust and mud, and because of their extensive durability, it can fight any unpleasant situation thrown upon them. However, such mats’ drawbacks are that they aren’t dirt-cheap and get messy pretty easily, making them look hideous. Also, they don’t come in a variety a color, only expect a few shades like grey and black. Hence, they don’t really look good compared to other floor mats. If you want a nice feel to your car’s interior, this isn’t a good option.

Fabric mats

Pros: Affordable, comes in various colors, aesthetically pleasing, universal size

Cons: Shorter life span, less durable, slip-prone, doesn’t have resistance to dust and water

The second common car floor mats are fabric floor mats. The reason behind this is it’s cheaper than the others and offers various colors and styles for aesthetic purposes. It’s readily available in almost every floor mat shop and comes in universal sizes to fit in every car. This cuts the hassle of you ordering a mat for your specific car make and model. Cleaning a fabric car mat is easy as well; just wash and dry. However, it isn’t as durable as the rubber mats and can get teared up or discolored with prolonged usage. With time the mat may sag and slip as well. It soaks up water or liquid until it gets soggy, and that might dampen the carpeting of the floor, might even stain them. A shorter life span means it can last up to a year or two. If you don’t want to waste money on car mats and look for something to spice up your car, this will do justice.

3D car floor mats

Pros: Gives a premium look and feel, anti-skid features, doesn’t soak up liquids, available in a few shades, resistant to dust, mud, and water

Cons: Costly, not as durable as the rubber mats, because of the light colors dirt can be more apparent.

3D car floor mats - MudSmart

3D mats are a newer and stylish version of rubber mats. This mat can give a majestic look to your car and complements your car’s interior. As these mats are made up of polymers, they don’t soak up liquids and thus protect your car’s floor from getting stained or damaged. The mat just fits everywhere, effortlessly! It will give you a satisfying level of comfort and luxury while you are driving. It is also packed with anti-skid features, which means that it doesn’t slip at all! The grooves of the mat easily catch dust and dirt; hence cleaning the mats are easier. One subsequent con to this mat is, it is highly expensive. It’s also not as durable as rubber mats are but still provides great durability compared to fabric mats. The mats come in colors like black, beige, and tan and radiate a certain warmth. However, the color ranges are a con as well because dust and dirt can be noticeable due to the light colors. If you want a posh-looking interior with various functionality, this mat is definitely for you. Just make sure it doesn’t put a hole in your wallet!

All-weather floor mats

Pros: Durable than the rubber mat, resistant to dirt and debris, anti-slip properties, availability, suitable for all-weather types.

Cons: Expensive, Limited color selection

All-weather mats are made of vinyl material, and therefore it is more durable than rubber mats. The mats are manufactured to protect your car floor from every possible weather condition. The mat’s edges are upturned to keep dirt, grime, and mud away from contacting the car’s floor. The spikey grippers beneath the mat help keep the mat in a firm position. Another beneficial aspect of all-weather car floor mats is that they are available everywhere. It’s not as expensive as the 3D floor mats, but the price range can surpass other cheapest options in the market. The fact that it limits the color selection might be irksome for some buyers. If you want all-year protection for your car floor and afford to spend some money on floor mats, I will recommend you to buy all-weather mats.

Final note

There is no real verdict on this; I only gave my honest opinion on these floor mats. It entirely depends on what your demands are in terms of choosing the best type of car mats. Hope the list has helped you sort your priorities right.