8 Ways You Can Customize Your Honda Accord!

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Be it Accord, Civic, or any other Honda models, you need your car to match your personality. And admit it, only redoing the painting job isn’t working for your or the car. Honda vehicles are known for their lasting ability and longevity, so it’s not surprising why you would want to freshen it up. Maybe the color, the style is giving you an eyesore, and it needs a desperate change. Well, that’s why we are here! We come before you packed with car-customizing ideas about Honda Accord Accessories that will change how your car looks and performs. 

1. Customize the steering wheel logo

Ah, this is basic and easy! Make the H engraved on your steering wheel more attractive by adding stones or a dash of color. You can explore various options, such as adding rhinestones, glitters, color vinyl stickers, making a custom logo, etc. You can even replace your old logo with a new one if you don’t want any shiny or sparkly rubbish on it!

2. Buy good-quality floor mats for cats

You will agree with me that stock floor mats are meh! They look hideous and less useful than what you get in the market. Therefore, choose customized Honda floor mats. Custom mats give you the liberty of selecting among the most expansive collections of floor mats ranging from expensive, affordable, elegant, and personalized style. You can choose mats for different weathers and seasons, reasons why All-Season and All-Weather car mats exist. They are made from heavy-duty rubber and available in various colors. Also, floor mats aren’t only for show; they protect your car floor as you have known by now. 

3. Add LED lights to the footwell

LED lights can make your car go from drab to fab in a spur of seconds. A tip for you, instead of adding colored lights where you can’t see them, add them to the footwells. The car footwell lights are pretty easy to install; you can do it yourself. They come in vivid shades of colors, for example, red, green, blue, beige, etc. You can get these multicolored LEDs anywhere, and that’s the best part.

4. Invest in car seat covers

Why settle for boring and bland-colored car seats when you can use custom car seat covers? Food for thought, eh? Refresh the color and your eyes by switching to custom seat covers. Make your own pattern or go crazy shopping for the perfect styled and colored seat covers that can take your customizing game from so-so to oh wow! Seat covers can add a punch to the edges and make your interior more elegant and comfy. Choose well-padded car seat covers to make your journey more comfortable. 

5. Customize the dash

Customize the dash

Customized vinyl dash kits are a must if you want to customize your interior, especially the stereo and overall dash of the car. Installing these kits lets you a revolutionary look from the stereo to the door panels. It will feel like you have bought a brand new car. The kits come in a varied range of color patterns, styles, and designs. The best part is it takes only a few bucks and therefore is very convenient.

6. Conceal or color the brake calipers

Thin spokes on wheel rims often expose the brake calipers, which isn’t a pleasant sight. To make sure the calipers aren’t visible, you can either cover them or paint them. This creates a unique statement to the brakes as well. Paint can take ages to dry, so if you are in a hurry, you can add a cover on the caliper instead. The covers can be found in any Honda car accessories stores; the covers also can be matched with your Honda Accord.

7. Get a cover for the gear shift

This isn’t a significant change, but any change is welcome. For example, you can add a custom knob or place a gear shift cover to protect the gear knob’s color and protect it. I told you that gear shift cover placement isn’t a significant change. Still, your friends and family will eventually ask you how you did this because not too many people customize their car’s gear shift. In addition, you can change the covers’ color patterns, prints, and illustrations, for instance, cartoons, anime, superheroes, etc. Therefore you have a lot of room for customization.

8. Add colored lug nuts

Okay, you can argue that there isn’t anything special with lug nuts, but they are pretty useful bits that take care of your tires. Adding colors to your lug nuts will not only make the tires look cool but spice up your dull and monotonous colored nuts into something extra. And we live by being extra!

These are some customizing tips you can utilize to customize your Accord. Have you tried any of them before? Let us know. We can’t say about other stuff, but for floor mats, Mudsmart is there to help you out by presenting you with the best 5D car floor mats for your Honda Accord. That’s all I have for you today. Hope these ideas have sparked some creativity in you too.