6 Reasons Why You Should Buy Car Floor Mats

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2020 is almost bidding us farewell, and if you are still asking questions like do I need floor mats in my car, then no offense but something is really wrong with you. Your car’s floor and carpet toil more abuses than any other vehicle interior parts. Hence you need a durable car floor mat that lasts you ages. A good quality floor mat catches dirt, debris, and water to protect your car. Thanks to car floor mats, you can sit inside wearing your dirty shoes without worrying about ruining your car parts. Still not convinced? Keep reading the entire article and decide for yourself are floor mats worth it or not.

Why do you need car floor mats?

Keeping your car clean

I have mentioned this in the introduction once; I’ll do it again till you are convinced to buy one. Kidding! (Not really!) Dirt, twigs, and mud are normal; you will always find them stuck to your shoes. Without a car floor mat laid on the surface, your car floor’s carpet will be completely ruined by dirt. Cleaning and scraping the dirt off from the car floor carpet will just mess things up for you. If you live in an area where it frequently rains, you will certainly not like cleaning the mess every other day. The car floor carpets can catch stains as well, and removing stains needs a lot of time, worst-case scenario, they don’t even get removed entirely! So, you see, we are dealing with a bigger problem here. And to avoid the issue, you need a car floor mat.

Protects your car

Do you know that car mats also protect your car from wear and tear? Carpeting the car floors is tedious, time-consuming, and expensive. So, once your carpet is ruined, you would need a new one. This will hurt your wallet a bit more than buying a floor mat. At least you can replace a worn-out floor mat by spending just a few bucks. For carpet repairing, once it’s damaged, there’s no going back. So, the bigger question is, why would you risk your car’s value by saving a few dollars? That’s not logical, is it?

Keep you safe

Keep you safe - MudSmart

A high-quality floor mat also plays a massive role in keeping your car safe. How? Manufacturers use a few different gripping systems, such as retention clips, anti-slip backing systems, and custom mats contours. Mat-Loc™ Clips are great retention clips that lock the mat into the position. Open Cell Foam™ keeps the mat taut without poking holes in the car’s interior. The grippers under the mat for custom mats help it cling to the carpet’s surface; as a result, there is little to no chance of slipping. 

It keeps your car odorless

Ever been in a car and experienced a nasty odor that made you nauseous? That’s because dirt, food crumbs, and filth accumulate and give off that weird odor. These dirt particles adhere to the floor and make your entire car smell very bad. And let’s face it, no amount of air freshener will be able to camouflage that sickly odor if you don’t keep the car clean. If you don’t want this to happen to your vehicle, consider getting a car floor mat asap! If you want an odor-free car, I recommend you skip buying fabric floor mats and opt for a rubber floor mat. Fabric floor mat traps moisture and encourages bacteria and fungi manifestation, giving off an awful smell.

Keeps your car safe against all weathers

Monsoon and Winter months are the most challenging months for cars. Summer too, if love to go to the beach! When I was shopping for a floor mat, I asked myself do I need all-weather floor mats for my car? The answer was yes. Summer’s sand, monsoon’s mud, fall’s dry leaves, and winter’s snow altogether can jumble things up for any car. The floor will tolerate most of the damage from all the weather and the various types of footwear. You need a durable floor mat that has water and heat proofing properties. All-weather floor mats offer all the features and are suitable for every weather.

For amping up the style quotient

If you have a habit of constantly customizing your car’s interior decor and style, car floor mats are great tools to accessorize your car. The mats now come in a different variety of shapes, colors, and designs. So, if you are bored with the dull interior colors, you can shop for floor mats as well as liners to give your car interior a new look. Who said ingenious things can’t be good-looking?

Features to look for while buying a mat

  • Durability
  • Has an anti-slip clip or system
  • Designs that covers most of the floor
  • Ensures comfort
  • Water and heat resistant
  • Spill-proof

Final thoughts

Keeping your car clean and good-looking adds value to it. If nothing motivates you to keep your car floors clean, think of it as an investment. The better your car’s condition, the more price value you will get by selling it. The next owner will thank you and offer more money because they don’t have to spend a fortune on repairing your car. Hope you have acquired the knowledge I was trying to give you. Take your car’s health seriously and buy a car floor mat before it gets too late.