Why Should You Replace Your Car Floor Mat With Floor Liners

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In the past, car floor mats have always been the go-to option of many car owners simply because there’s no other alternative available to them. This still applies to most vehicle users nowadays actually. For many, you can always rely on the good, old car floor mat. However, that time is long over with the advent of car floor liners.

While the benefits and functionalities of car floor liners and mats arguably overlap (it can even be said that most custom car floor liners are just an upgrade of mats), they are not at all the same thing. They can be considered as cousins that share plenty of traits but the other (liners, to be exact) is always infinitely better than its counterpart. And we’re going to be outlining the facts and reasons why we’ve arrived at this seemingly absolute conclusion.

Dispelling the Confusion Car Floor Mats and Floor Liners

One issue we need to address beforehand is the fact that some companies (even Google, once you perform certain search terms on it about this topic) tend to treat car floor mats and floor liners as the same. You can’t really blame these entities because car floor liners have gained such massive traction in the past few years – to the point that it has arguably become the norm.

Certain companies are even more than willing to use terms like “car floor mats liners” and refer to liners as “3D car floor mats” and “5D car floor mats” as if these are the same things. We’ll just go ahead and say that car floor liners have become so ingrained in the car industry that it’s just normal for them to be referred to as mats. That should give you an inkling as to how truly innovative and game-changing these floor liners are.

With this considered, one way of making sure that you’ll readily be able to distinguish between the two is to learn their fundamental features. We are going to start off with car floor mats since they are essentially the progenitors.

  • What are the features of car floor mats?

Car floor mats are almost always made with set standards (in size and fit) in mind. That said, one apparent distinction they have from car floor liners is that they aren’t as readily responsive to customizations as car floor liners. Most mats are just flat, and while some include the channels found in most liners as well, they lack any other difference in design that can either improve protection, durability, and comfort.

  • Made from materials that keep all the bad stuff in

Expect most car floor mats to be made of rubber, which has decent toughness that allows it to provide adequate protection to most car floorings. This rubber material is soft and firm enough to not be slippery even if you enter the vehicle with wet footwear. It has a solid grip, in short, which also makes sure that every debris or dirt they capture won’t end up getting displaced every time you enter and leave the vehicle.

  • Car floor liners take everything to the next level

Pretty neat and practical, huh? If this is the case, then why are we unanimously recommending using car floor liners instead? Well, it’s simple. Car floor liners just manage to deliver all the benefits of car floor mats more superbly. They are far superior options that knock the competition right out of mats, and you’ll no doubt agree once you find out how liners deliver the goods, so to speak.

What Makes Car Floor Liners Better Than Car Floor Mats

Car floor liners take protection a step further. This is fairly obvious in the way floor liners are custom-fitted to include more floor area as much as possible. They incorporate heightened edges that serve to take the form of the flooring.

  • Firmer grip and fit

These outer edges only ensure precise fitting due solely to the very firm grip that they provide. Car floor liners will not slide here and there – as most mats are wont to do – because they provide such a snug fit with the help of the laser technology they are manufactured with. That said, having such a tight fit does not necessarily mean that they will not come off easily. Most well-designed car floor liners can be placed and removed on your car flooring in literally seconds.

  • Unquestionable protective capabilities

These edges also add another protective layer for the floor liners. The raised edges, after all, form a kind of basin that keeps most liquids and dirt from spreading or being displaced, allowing you to clean the liners with relative ease. From these facts alone, you already get pluses in protection, fitting, installation, and ease of cleaning.

  • Built to last

Secondly, let’s talk about durability. While we did say that rubber can guarantee stellar durability, the materials (like plastic and vinyl) used by most floor liners, may they be 3D car floor mats or 5D car floor mats, are just on a whole new level. Just think of the material that is able to resist high heat, water, and dust simultaneously. It’s not an uncommon capability of most car floor liners, especially those that exhibit relatively superior design.

Most car floor liners can give you plenty of protection for 5 or more years without having to worry about them getting those usual cracks, peelings, and general wear and tear associated with other types of custom car floor mats. This is why you should not be surprised if you always come across car floor liners with minimum warranties of at least 3 years. That’s just how confident their manufacturers are of their quality.

Considering these undeniable advantages, it’s clear to see why floor liners have since given car floor mats a run for their money. They are just plain and simply better – no more, no less.


The only real “downside” of floor liners is that they almost always cost more than mats. But considering their utter value for money (with regards to fulfilling essential elements such as protection, comfort, longevity, and ease of cleaning), it’s not farfetched to say that you will always get your money’s worth with car floor liners. The same can’t be said for most standard mats, and that’s undoubtedly the crux of this topic.