You Do Need A Luxury Car Floor Mat – Here’s Why!

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Your luxury car comes in top-notch design, mind-blowing specs, and excellent fuel efficiency. What you tend to overlook is that, more often than not, this luxury vehicle contains car floor mats of inferior quality. Either the floor mats are made of rubber or carpet that provoke a cheap feeling. You want your vehicle to look like million bucks but eww, the floor mat! Not only that, the mats do not even do what it’s supposed to do. Low-graded floor mats are often unable to keep your car floors clean. Frankly, we don’t understand why these cheap floor mats are even there in the car!

Don’t lose hope; there is a solution to clean this mess. Enters luxury car floor mats into the chat with a grandiose entry! Luxury car floor mats are just that, pure luxury! These beautiful and decorative car floor mats for cars and vehicles are crafted with high-quality materials such as automotive-grade leather, carbon fiber, sheepskin, etc. Did we manage to brighten up your mood? No? Let’s see why we and you (will) love these luxury car mats.

Luxury mats have that WOW factor!

Don’t get us wrong, carpet and rubbers mats are superb. However, you need to understand that not all carpet and rubber mats are made of high-quality raw materials, so they look like garbage! While custom car floor mats are still a better option than stock mats, the result you will get won’t be satisfactory. 

That’s why we suggest buying leather or carbon fiber car floor mats. Some mat manufacturers provide the option to customize the mat colors, which is even better! You can mix and match the color coordination and bring the best out of your car’s interior. They might be a little expensive, of course, but leather or carbon fiber can protect your car’s surface fiercely, which cheap mats can’t.

They are highly durable

We tell you what carpet car floor mats for cars can’t do – they aren’t durable to sustain long-term damage, aren’t weather or waterproof, accumulate dirt, and are difficult to clean. The material collects dirt, allergens, mold, etc., which can damage the mat and the car floor’s underlying carpeting. While rubber mats can add some level of protection, they aren’t as potent as leather or carbon fiber. Some poor quality rubber mats have a funny, rubbery odor that isn’t pleasant at all!

They are highly durable

The materials used in luxury mats are all-weather, meaning that they can survive in the harshest weather condition. The leather or carbon fiber mats are resistant to stains, damages caused by abuses, and weather conditions. You can keep them clean by just using a mild detergent or dishwashing liquid and then dry them using a microfiber towel.

They are the perfect fit for your car’s make and model

You should always buy car floor mats based on your vehicle’s model, make, and year. This is because stock car mats are flat-out useless; they won’t do anything to protect your car floor. And universal floor mats will leave areas of the floor uncovered. Keeping the areas exposed can damage them. To save your car’s interior from all the unnecessary harshness and abuse, you do need car mats that are specifically made for your car’s make, model, and year.

Luxury car mats (you saw that coming) are designed keeping the car’s brand, make, model and year in mind. Therefore you should buy one to keep your car safe all the time. By covering the entire surface of the car’s floor, your luxury carpets are saving you from paying heavy bills for repairing and restoring the floor from all the damages.

They contain hooks for a better coverage

Cheap carpet floor mats don’t consist of grippers or hooks like fiberglass or leather car floor mats.  These hooks or grippers are a crucial element for sticking to your car’s floor. Without them, your floor mat will come off loose and out of place, and replacing them all the time is annoying. The hooks not only keep the mats tight in place but help preserve the interior. The lack of fasteners can risk the floor’s critical and vulnerable areas, which can be deathly for your car’s health. Also, not fastening can create safety issues and put people in dangerous situations and accidents. You surely want to dodge that bullet!

In all seriousness, generic rubber mats are helpful even though even the low-graded ones can trap all kinds of spills and crumbs, but they can’t trap the substances. This leads to damage to your car floor and your footwear. Why buy cheap stuff when you know that they have limited efficiency and functionality? A luxury mat may come off as expensive, but it is an investment because proper maintenance of this car mat can easily make it last up to 3-4 years.